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On All Issues of the Day

An impressive moment every four years is watching how the United States brings in a new or renewing President. So many issues are on the table and it's a fresh chance to have a voice and to make a difference.

I am reminded of my favorite saying that i most often quote on the 4th of July which is:

On All Issues of the Day

  • Consider the Facts

  • Get Involved

  • Take a Stand

That's a call to action!

I read the news every day - at home in my kitchen, on-line at my office, and in the car while I am driving. I become encouraged, enthused, and enraged.

And I am also connected, aware, and involved. I know a lot and am adding a lot every day.

It's fun to connect ideas with action. Especially when there is a passionate purpose driving our attention.

Action for a purpose while staying the course to make a difference.

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