We know many industries.  We get your company.  We get your deal done.


Sharona Justman, Partner

Sharona Justman

Gary Rubenstein, Senior Advisor

Gary Rubenstein

Israel Baharav, Managing Director

Israel Baharav

Lou Lenart

STEP was honored to be guided by

Lou Lenart,

Senior Advisor.

STEP Strategy Advisors works with privately-held companies and with Private Equity firms to bring about Business Growth involving revenue and operational efficiencies and to facilitate relevant Strategic Alliances and successful Acquisitions.

Many skills with a bias for action:  Key to our growth advisory is our deep understanding of many industries with an emphasis on consumer products manufacturing and distribution, services companies, technology companies, industrial services companies.  We have a high understanding of their technology and systems used to run their business. 


We facilitate business relationships to achieve excellent results for all parties that nurture business growth, accomplish joint ventures, create a merger, accomplish an acquisition, or envision a new business line.  We look out for your best interests.

Reach:  On your behalf, STEP will reach the right key executive to open a dialogue. STEP customizes the approach to best suit the needs of your company and pulls upon a wide breadth of knowledge to create opportunities of value.


Approach:  STEP has a systematic approach to creating results .  We open trusted relationships, design creative approaches, and facilitate fair and winning financial solutions.  You want STEP on your team and we are passionate about supporting you.


Presentation:  We focus on the details that are necessary to smoothly present. We anticipate the questions and obstacles in order to best prepare.  We elegantly facilitate with command of the industry, the financials, the market, and the clear course of action to turn the opportunity into a reality.

Skills:  The STEP team includes MBA, CPA, business and strategic marketing skills to support the endeavor.  We are thoughtful business people with the art of sales, skilled financial analysts, and competent strategists. We design your business approach and market expansion plan, we emphasize the financial points critical to the deal, and we present your company to create results.


Results:  STEP works with you in creating and driving revenue opportunities, positioning your company for joint ventures, and facilitating aligned companies for acquisitions.