Delivering Results

Acquisitions Advisory

Growth through Acquisition  

STEP successfully navigates the process with you to find the best acquisition partner. Acquisition Advisory Services include facilitation of relationships with vetted and aligned companies for acquiring, selling, creating a joint venture, or merging businesses. The STEP process results in relevant and direct dialogues with aligned companies and Private Equity firms. 

Market Positioning

Own Your Market

STEP provides specific guidance to position your company to be further distinguished in the many channels servicing your market. Resources and technologies are used to enhance your growth.

STEP Market Positioning:

  • Marketing Plans

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Intelligence

Growth Strategy

Accelerating into the Curve  

STEP plans a course of action to support important relationships for companies to enable growth with relevant strategic alliances and trained resources.

Growth Strategy Services:

  • Strategic Business Plans

  • Operations Strategies

  • Management Team Building

  • Management Advisory

Business Development

Business Opportunities

Planning and facilitating meetings with aligned parties to strengthen your business growth plan. STEP works with you to expand your business reach.  

Business Development Services:

  • Strategic Sales Approach

  • Sales Facilitation and Support

  • Sales Presentations

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Joint Ventures

  • Licensing

  • ​Revenue Generation



Who do you Know

Clear thinking about parties with whom to engage is a pathway to success.  STEP has access to key players who can be a game-changer for your deal. 


STEP is connected to many top executives in key companies across many industries.  Our process fluidly connects the right people in the right positions in the right manner.


Capital Story

How will you Grow

Presenting your company's story is an art.  How you will grow, who are you in your market, and your expected use of capital to tell your financial story.  STEP has skill in designing a presentation to highlight the meaningful financial growth story points in order to show your opportunity at its best. STEP has trusted relationships with Private Equity and Venture Capital and Corporations world-wide to facilitate discussions with the optimal decision makers.

Deal Preparation

STEP prepares you for a successful deal. 


Your financials, your revenue trends, your cash flow are the central discussion points.  Well in advance of a deal, STEP will guide you through preparing to present. 


We lead your Deal Team and orchestrate the relevant resources  who can support:

  • Accounting  / Audit / Quality of Earnings

  • Information Systems / ERP Solutions

  • Data Analysis

  • Legal / Tax / Estate Planning 

ERP Preparation

Companies that are driven by data have an advantage.


Your company is evaluated on the strength of your products / services in the market, the talent in your management team, and the reliability of your systems and operations.   


To ensure that the company is well positioned for the next phase of growth, take the time to evaluate your systems in order to put the right systems in place to run the business.  

Reach out to our sister company at to prepare for an ERP review, Systems Assessment, or a Systems Selection and Implementation.