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We understand your business.  We add value.  We get you to where you want to be.

STEP Strategy Advisors provides top-tier Business Growth Advisory to enhance strategic direction, market positioning, revenue generation, and growth through acquisition.

"STEP went the extra mile to find us the right partner and worked tirelessly to guide us through the process, becoming a true extension of our team."

Start here!

We are Listening!

We listen to
what you want,

we understand what you do, we see where you are going.


We do the Research...

Then we do the research into your market, your competitors, your opportunities.

STEP works with consumer product companies, technology companies, and industrial services companies.  


We bring experience and best practices.


  • We facilitate and advise on the acquisition process.

  • We provide business advisory to guide the positioning of your company while introducing relevant strategic alliances and facilitating the deal.

  • We support successful business development activity with new and meaningful customers to create revenue strength for your company. 

We plan the details

We develop a plan of action to support the objectives agreed upon.

We are Focused on You

Our approach to getting your deal done includes a focus on your market position to develop a strategy to align with relevant business partners so that the pathway to growth is clear.

We understand your data

Every business runs by the numbers. We need to know the details of your financials, in confidence, in order to best present you.

We are 'Doers'

Our team works with you to accomplish results by achieving growth and meaningful goals that position you as a unique and viable force in the market.  

We know the right people

We spend time identifying the right people and companies with whom to connect, the rationale, the preparation, and the benefit from each party.

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We look at growth trends

Investors and business partners will want to understand the financial story of your company. We highlight the relevant parts of your business growth arc.

We are Practical

We provide focused entrepreneurial thinking through practical advice and tactical support based upon relevant business experience and expertise.

We are Connectors

We make the connection - elegantly and with trust. We set the stage for the best possible outcome.

We take Action

We actively assist in market positioning, management team cohesiveness, effective business practices, and business development activities to take your venture to a higher level of success.

We do Deals

We are with you through every step of your deal. Our expertise, our ability to support the deal, and our ability to drive the opportunity with you.

We team build

We are part of your extended business team and we work with you and your senior management to create results that are great.

Acquisition Approach Steps


Interim transition team, employee retention, and reporting.


Finalize the disclosure schedules and sign contracts for the acquisition.

Due Diligence

Under a Letter of Intent, coordinate the validation of every disclosure.


Refine Potential Acquirers to achieve Indication of Interest.


Executive Summary and Confidential Information Memorandum Prepared.


Contact Potential Acquirers to validate interest and coordinate NDAs.


Identification and Qualification of Potential Acquirers.


Coordination of the details to prepare for an Acquisition.

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