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Sharona Justman



Sharona Justman

Sharona Justman

Founding Managing Director

Deal Maker.  Problem Solver.  Investment Banker.  CPA.  Technologist.  Strategist.  Pragmatist.  Marketer.  Master Connector.  Results Generator.


Sharona is a businesswoman known for connecting companies and leaders to align in creating rich business opportunities leading to company growth and acquisitions.


Sharona combines a strong business background in finance with a solid understanding of technology and an eye for marketing which positions her as a top advisor to many companies.


Sharona specializes in developing the strategic direction for a company advising senior management to achieve revenue goals and expand market position.  A results orientation supports facilitating key business growth and business development activities based on a clear plan of action to achieve measurable successes with an impact on company value so that bringing together strategic partners has a clear agenda to support new ventures and acquisitions.    



Sharona is the Founding Managing Director and co-founder of STEP, a growth advisory and acquisitions advisory firm focused on technology and on consumer products companies.  Sharona manages the identification and facilitation of acquisition partners to connect relevant parties in order to support growth and to accomplish transactions.  Sharona advises companies in the industries of consumer products, cosmetics, food, pet, e-Commerce, technology, industrial products, and services. Innovation into a market segment is one of the drivers in a company and is an ideal opportunity to  accelerate results across the breadth of trusted connections.


Sharona brings her expertise across many industries to each endeavor for managing the acquisitions process. Sharona leads strategic initiatives for companies to lay out a plan of action for growth with a focus on the data of a company around key performance indicators, financial results and trends, and competitive market position. Sharona has led Change Management, Project Management, and Mission / Vision Strategic Planning initiatives for many organizations.  

Sharona Justman is a Registered Representative of BA Securities, LLC.  Member FINRA SIPC.


Sharona is the co-founder of RJMC, a project management firm that leads the initiatives for enterprise-wide ERP information systems and operations management for upper middle-market companies with systems assessments, evaluation and selection of enterprise systems, and implementation management and supporting Private Equity firms with Quality of Systems and company integration. Scope of solutions include financial systems, reporting and analytics, and operational systems for manufacturing, distribution, and services. Industries include consumer products, food and beverage, pet food and pet products, cosmetics, agriculture / growers, e-Commerce, technology, industrial services, entertainment, banks and financial services. Experienced and solution-driven Project Management resulting in Operations Improvement and the Implementation of Systems to support the growth of the company.   The motto is We Get Projects Done!   



Sharona co-founded The Israel Conference with Yossi Vardi, the godfather of Israeli technology, and holds the event in Los Angeles annually since 2009 and in Tel Aviv since 2023.  Top CEO innovators, entrepreneur stars, and industry thought leaders from amazing technology firms, world-class product design, compelling Apps, and VCs come together from around the world to present their companies and discuss business. 


Each year over 100 presentations from companies that do business with Israel take the stage including Fortune 1000 firms such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Cisco, Oracle,  NBC Entertainment, Warner Bros., and stand-out Israeli firms including Waze, SodaStream, and a thousand entrepreneurs. The Israel Conference is considered to be a must-attend event where extraordinary connections are made in a game-changing nexus of businesspeople to engage with the leadership of companies who are part of the fast-growing and forward-thinking business of Israel.


LaunchIT at CES

Sharona is a Judge at CES for LaunchIT, the pitch event for international innovative, transformative and entrepreneurial companies that exhibit in Eureka Park where retailers, venture capitalists, manufacturers seek out entrepreneurs launching new products, services, apps, and ideas. 

CONVERsations and TECHup!

Sharona moderates and presents CONVERsations with industry leaders and innovators as well as presentations on technology updates on TECHup!


Sharona Justman began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers and is a CPA.



Sharona is an alumna of Hebrew University of Jerusalem and California State University, Northridge with a BS in Accounting and Economics.

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